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June 25, 2005

The Frozen Moment...

We  all come across those frozen perfect moments now and then.  Not always pleasant, not always something we need to see, but in their composition and timing they are the essence of a feeling, a revelation, an epiphany.

Parking lot. Handicapped Space. Ford Excursion. Handicapped card goes up on the mirror. Door swings out. Fat leg in stretch pants slowly swings out out, toes feeling for ground.  Round body follows, lumbering down. Hard to balance that Frappachino and cell phone in hands while repelling out of your car. Wheeze. Handicap seems inherited as the rest of the herd disembarks, each with their own bad choices in clothing: belly shirt, short skirt, ballerina slippers. Wheeze, cough. And their hands are full: diet coke and snowball, Gameboy with headphones, iPod. They grunt to each other as their masses slowly move forwards, sway-walking towards the mall and consumption...

These are the American absorbers, thoughtless and indulgent, selfish with no self consciousness. They weren't here in such numbers 20 years ago, and their impact is growing.  They will soon to be health burdens on society, drugs lengthening their short-breathed life spans, parking lots increasing the number of handicap spaces to accommodate the morbidly obese, and the greedy doctors who somehow equate this new epidemic as a sustainable disease instead of a social symptom.  They see nothing wrong with sucking down 60, 70, 80 dollar a barrel gasoline to power their gigantic mobile home movie theatres. They're unable to eat quietly or refrain from shouting on cell phones. They are inhuman, or at least a new breed.

It is an alien invasion, worse really as they have no plans of conquest that could be fought, they're just here and growing in numbers. They apparently breed true, although we shudder when we think about that one. They are the proof that science and society have trumped evolution. True irony in that, as so many of these herd beasts seem to turn towards the anesthetizing comfort of ignorant creationism. An irony totally lost on them as they graze.


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