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June 23, 2005

Make no mistake...

Californians are pissed.

Going from a wildly successful approval rating to around one-third of the polled citizens satisfied with your performance is about where Gray Davis was when somebody said he needed a recall election. (We're sure you remember, it launched Gary Coleman's second career as shill for "are you desperate for money" loan-shark TV ads.) Arnold is getting the reputation of steam roller instead of effective politician. With California's budget still an official "disaster" his push to spend 80+ million dollars for a special election instead of waiting a few more months for the regular election is a fundamentally bad move for his rating.

And Arnold doesn't look any better for his short term in office.  He looks to be on the same "drain weight from your face in 60 days" diet that wife Maria Shriver is on, and his hairline is starting to expose a forehead that "The Brain" would be proud to sport. It took W. A full two years in office to go from "boyish charm" to "recoverd alcoholic" look. This bodes ill for A.

Of course, given all the residual thought control that is still wafting around from the last election, that California might be due for another impromptu revolt.  Hell, let's just tie term in office to approval rating... it isn't that far of a extrapolation, just a recognition of the "interactive" world in which we live.

Anyway, we're sure Coleman wouldn't be such a bully. Give Gary another Go!

  In our best case scenario, another Hollywood action figure could end up Lt. Gov to Coleman; Die Hard Bruce Willis at Coleman's side.  And if something went wrong, Gary would turn to Bruce and say "Whacho talkin' bout Willis?"  Everyone would laugh and forget the problem.  And isn't that really what politics in California is all about?  

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