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June 18, 2005

Few things scare us like Jeb...

Bush, the governor of Florida. The creator of the hanging chad, the deliverer of the "popular" vote, and now he's the Cold Case investigator.

He's going after Teri Schiavo's husband Michael. Supposedly Jeb's not happy with Mike's explanation as to how long it took him to call 911. Never mind it's already been investigated, and Mr. Schiavo cleared of any fault in the matter.  This is bigger!  This is about the recent autopsy that showed Schaivo's brain had indeed suffered a massive reduction in size, damage beyond repair, everything the religious right did not want to hear.

So, how does Jeb hang his presidential hopefullness on that hat rack? Well, let's persecute the husband of the martyr. The man's already getting death threats from the double-standard right-to-lifers, why not subject him to a good ol' 'merican witch hunt.  Prove your innocence Mr S, it's no longer good until proven bad in Bush's America. The Patriot act is gonna figure in here somewhere, just you watch...

Ever think about the fact that the Soviet Communists called all their policies repressing freedoms "Patriot Acts" like us?  Who's living in a police state now that the cold war is over?

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