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June 15, 2005

What's up with Batman's Nipples?

Batman movies get a lot of weird commentary, especially with the new movie that apparently avoiding some of the pitfalls, and pratfalls, of the last couple of outings. In particular, current reviewers are quick to note that the new Bat-Costume has no nipples. A subject you'd only mention because of the odd presence of them in Batman and Robin.

It's probably no surprise that we were never all that bothered or distracted by the anatomically correct Bat-suits, hell the rubber moldings supposedly showed off every ridge and valley of the six-pack abs, so nipples missing would just be spoiling the effect.

What really broke the illusion was Alicia Silverstone's BatGirl suit. If nipples are going to show up in a Bat-suit, we know where we'd really expect and appreciate them...


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