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June 14, 2005

Innocent, well...

The innocent on all charges verdict for Mikey was actually what we expected. Much as the public wants to see celebrities fall, they want them to fall on their own actions - not the actions of an obviously manipulative and lying non-celeb. So the jury basically rebuked all the prosecution's testimony as practiced lies and set Jackson free.

Party at Neverland!

Of course the papers are running tons of articles today, speculation of whether this could hurt or help Jackson's career, whether he should take that ongoing Vegas gig, or will he make good on his promise... er.... threat to take up residence in another country.

Among all this are the retrospective timelines of his career, complete with photo metamorphosis of his conversion from young black boy to old white woman. Were we to pick a favorite, we'd choose the timeframe right before his nose lost significant weight and the eyes just started to go weird.  The Captain Eo Jackson is probably the best way to phrase it. 

Too bad Disney will probably never release that film on DVD now...


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