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June 11, 2005

How Could You Like Cruz Less?

How many people "like Tom Cruz less" now that he's standing on sofas on a regular basis? A quorum reference of 61% according to a Entertainment Weekly poll.  Motion carries.

Which brings us to the point: Always check the population from which a poll is drawn. So its 61% of a magazine who's acronym is pronounced "ehwwww!" And that about says it all. We've bought the mag on occasion when Steven King gets the last page, but that's about the only thing readable in that whole pile of trite celebrity masturbation.

Which brings us to a second point. Celebrities are too fast becoming our sole touchstone, our point of reference, to culture, religion, government and far too much else. Beware! These are not healthy people folks! The best of them are only slightly neurotic with tendencies of egocentric indulgence. The worst? Well, we give you Scientology boy as a mild example. Hardly a role model for you, Joe and Johnnie Six Pack.

Which brings us to the third point.  Why the fuck are you listening to us about this?


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