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June 6, 2005

Meaningless Tele Vision

MTV long ago lost the "Music" aspect of it's acronym, playing fewer music videos per day than it does advertisements for Nissan. But the recent decision to punt NIN from their Movie Awards show just pushes MTV further into the realm of things you can safely ignore and still retain your grasp on current cultural literacy.  They simply don't matter. 

Apparently the weaseling took place over a proposed backdrop of beloved Prez W. that was to be behind Trent and crew while they played The Hand that Feeds. The MTV official lawyer-crafted sound bite was

"While we respect Nine Inch Nails' point of view, we were uncomfortable with their performance being built around a partisan political statement," said an MTV spokesperson. "When we discussed our discomfort with the band, their choice was to unfortunately pull out of the Movie Awards."

Yeah, don't do anything that would make anyone think. Thinking is uncomfortable. Hey, maybe there should be another staged lesbian kiss, eh?

Although the official line is that NIN dropped from the show by their choice, this was obviously one of those "my way or the highway" postures. After all, who does Reznor think he is, some kind of artist with a message?  Artists?  No room for artists with all the Army of One ads.

Of course Reznor has the last word on this on the NIN web site:  Apparently the image of our president is as offensive to MTV as it is to me.


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