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June 3, 2005

Now we KNOW Felt is a Hero

When right wing toady and general liar Pat Buchanan calls him corrupt for providing information about the crimes and cover-up by the Nixon administration, you know that Mark Felt is a hero.

Buchanan's personal agenda shines through his thin veneer of misstatements and falsehoods like dog shit on nice shoes. We particularly like

And by his failure to act decisively and ruthlessly to clean his campaign and White House of loyalists who had blundered and, yes, committed crimes, Nixon became ensnared in a cover-up that would destroy his presidency.

the sole admission of "Yeah, sure they were criminals" buried in the middle of one sentence 2/3rds the way down the story. Hah! And similarly to bring up scum like Linda Trip, liar and false friend, as a counterpoint to show the improprieties of the press... well, we're still laughing.

Pat, good luck with the blood pressure meds. And when you do burst a vein, please try to get it on tape, eh?


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