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May 30, 2005

Remember the Honor Lost

We should be like everyone else today and get all maudlin about all the fallen soldiers. Granted, we don't approve of the war, but what all the simpleminded yellow-ribbon-car-magnet fools seem to forget is that you can still support the poor lads in harms way without supporting the lying morons who put them there.

It's good to recall that the holiday dates back to end of the civil war, were oddly enough a nation divided into two colors because it could not resolve political, financial, and philosophical differences found itself locked in armed combat.

Today of course we're above that kind of thing.  Sure, you've got red's bombing abortion clinics and threatening corporations who don't respect their cults wishes, but that's a long ways from firing off cannons. No, it took courage for those grays to put on an identifying uniform and stand up for their beliefs. The current crop of miscreants hasn't got that kind of integrity.

So happy Memorial Day everyone. Have a beer bubba, turn on the whiney country and western patriotic songs and break out the bar-b-que.


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