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May 29, 2005

Erectile Dysfunction Misuse

Poor Viagra.

First, you're tarnished by all the internet spam, and jokes about those wonderful four hour plus erections.

Then it comes out in the press that known sex offenders are acquiring Viagra through the Medicaid system in New York and Florida. Hah! Good ol' Florida, a wellspring of self-humiliation, serviced over 200 lonely perverts.

Now there's news that Viagra and it's little bro Cialis have been tied to blindness in a study of men taking the drug.  "Sudden, irreversible vision loss" is now apparently a potential side effect of the wood pill.

We want to know the real correlation here is the loss of vision due to gaining the use of the four hour pogo stick. Apparently 23 million men use the drugs, and there are about 50 reported cases of blindness. We're not Doctors, but we think it might be worth considering the correlation between retinal detachment and four hours of chemically enhanced horizontal dancing. The old adage "she fucked his eyes out" comes home to roost.

Just a thought.

Of course, someone needs to take the media out for a quick lesson on causality.  The headlines "Viagra Causes Blindness" are simply irresponsible. More fatal cases of liver disease will be caused by Jack Daniels. Of course the news medial has long abandoned rationale in their addressing of issues.  Similarly the "Free Viagra for Perverts" overstated the cause.  Recreational perverts of means need not apply, it's only for poor convicted perverts.  Again, the media does not know it's own estate.

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