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May 23, 2005

Full Moon Tonight

What does that have to do with anything?  Nothing really, it just struck us as interesting, given it's one of the few things that everyone on the planet experiences at the same time.  There really isn't much, natural that is, that we do all experience at the same time.  Weather is different, traffic and housing are different, natural disasters for the most part are different, even global warming has different effects on different areas of the globe.

Others? Well, there's always the opening of a new Star Wars movie.  How many times do you think the faint phrase "best of the last three" has been uttered across the globe since Thursday?  Or "gee I hope Kylie's breasts won't be mismatched now!"  How about "hasn't Michael Jackson been convicted yet?" Or "Desperate Housewives would be so much better late night on HBO!"  OK, the last one was just us but think about it anyway.

Yeah, we're a global village all right.  Everyone go bark at the moon.

We really liked the weekend's post and were almost intentionally late today because we know lots of folks don't know how to use the archive.  Normally, we could give a fuck about people who can't navigate links, but Saturday's was particularly poignant. Heh.

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