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May 16, 2005

This is not news...

Well, some cracker Baptist minister threw everyone who voted for John Kerry out of his church recently.  He basically took their support of Kerry as support for a woman's right to choose, damning by association. It is to laugh... right? Nah.  It's tired, old and predictable.

Most of all, it's just not news.

When are editors going to learn that Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, North and South Carolina idiocy, especially of a Baptist flavor, just isn't worth reporting? It's like the joke without the need of a punch line.  You can start with "North Carolina" and just get giggles.  Add Baptist, and out and out laughs.  When you throw Minister in there, well you've got them rolling in the aisles mister!

Seriously though, and back to the whole journalistic decline theme, when are editors going to learn? We yearn for this...

Johnson, get in my office now!

Yes sir?

You've got another article on a crazy cracker minister submitted for print?

It's all true sir, every fact!

That doesn't matter you little twerp. While you were writing this drivel, something no one needs reminding about, anyone could guess, not news at all, there were perfectly good monkeys throwing dung at people from their cages in the zoo! You missed the bigger story boy!

Sorry sir.  Should I go see the monkeys?

Nope, we got scooped on the monkey story while you were out watching Baptists.  Shit son, get some priorities or get out of the business.  Next thing you'll give me a story about gravity pulling apples to the ground...

Next up: Ignored cracker minister starts throwing his dung at parishioners.


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