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May 8, 2005

Will we miss Jolene Blalock?

Well, Star Trek goes back out of production this week, and everyone is asking whether this means that fan boys can stop obsessing about Blalock's abs and cleavage and finally focus on drooling over Tricia Helfer's ass and thighs. It's a real issue for fandom's virgins, and with Battlestar Galactica starting a new season soon we wonder how long hot Vulcan monkey love will continue to fit into the daily fantasies of the current crop of nerds.

Luckily, the Enterprise episodes are quickly headed for the pause-and-forward-step, loop point A-B, video world of DVDs.  The erotic world of Vulcan nerve pressure massage and mutual anti-alien-viral rub-down cream saunas are there on the shelf whenever needed.

  Lord but we love Google's image search...  

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