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April 29, 2005


Bush on Social Security Reform is like Bobo the Chimp in charge of nuclear waste disposal.  Tired of slinging feces at the passers by the hairy monkey turns to hurling glowing gobs of radioactive crap into the crowd.

That's the best comparison we have to Bush's latest proposal to "fix" Social Security.  We do think that in this case fix has the same meaning to the population as it does to the White House's springer spaniel. If you haven't heard he's planning on pumping up the low end of the wage earners so they can retire comfortably, while screwing the middle and upper class.  They would pay the same or more into the system, and get a lot less out in the end.

Now we're not concerned about our own pay-out, we expect the worst from the current administration and planned for it, but this is just another fucking example of a so-called leader trying to do something dramatic to take your minds off the fuck-up he lead us into in the middle-east.  Right now he's probably praying for another terrorist attack to help solidify his standing with his sheep... er... constituency.

The plan is a total screw-job on the load-bearing middle class.  The rich couldn't care less, they have their money off-shore any way.  The smart middle classers have been watching the government's regular mailings on their personal payments into social security and how much they can expect upon retirement at different ages.  If they've been planning their spending and savings against this, the Bush admin is planning to bend them over and slip them a surprise.  Huzzah! Welcome to the lower-class you stupid working fool.

And while we don't want to suggest that all of the low-end social security beneficiaries are lazy and hard-work avoiding, that's just most of them, we think their lot in life would be a lot better if the conservatives hadn't been systematically destroying the support systems that protected them in the past. What about tax deferments for retired folks? Where's the talk about medical programs for retirees? Do they expect the Canadian drug suppliers to bear all the burden here?

To sum up: George, go finish your war.  Clean up your own mess and you'll at least be remembered for that.  Leave the rest of the country alone until a literate adult takes executive command from you.


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