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April 25, 2005

Pharmacist, heal thyself...

Before we get all jumped-up about the pharmacists in four red states deciding they can act as conscience for their customers, we should remember that these are the same states best known for illiteracy and inbreeding. What should we expect from such culture deserts than to have the snoopy "couldn't actually become a doctor but wanted to legally deal drugs anyway" clerk than to exert whatever little power they have to work the will of the oppressive parochial right? Deny birth control pills to single women? Of course they'll do that. There's no surprise there.  There are 23 additional states considering similar legislation - welcome to the Bush League of Imposed Morality.

We have only one suggestion for anyone who has to deal with this situation:


So far as we can tell, the pharmacist has no right to know whether you're married or not. A fake wedding ring is a fine investment - it may come in handy at bars as well so keep it in your purse.  Flash the pictures of your nieces and nephews and make up stories about what a trial raising four kids can be. Ask if your husband can pick up the prescription later, but then pick it  up yourself explaining he got the chore of picking up the kids.

And when they find out? We suggest a good hearty laughing in their faces and then moving on to another pharmacy.  Laughter is the best medicine we hear.



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