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April 19, 2005

Ten years ago...

Ignorance and anger brought down a building. It's far easier to destroy than to build - this was no achievement. It's the illiterate fear monger zealots in our own land that we need deal with first - they're the bigger threat because there are more of them, they're already here, and they believe "God is on their side."  If you're looking for a national tragedy, and a threat worth the attention of our "intelligence" agencies, this is as bad as they get.

Truth be told, we hope that when they meet their God it is the old testament version who will teach them a thing or two about vengeance.

But here, all we are left with is a field of empty chairs.



Private note to Chris: We think you may be looking for Feb 25, 2004 or March 1, 2004. Let us know if we're wrong there since neither mentions the 2nd, but Sept 16, 2004 does by way of reference.  And yeah, great idea - it's on the list.  But we're a bunch of sodding lazy bastards... Surprise!  

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