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April 14, 2005

Our Favorites #4: Some simple commentary...

We do speak our piece.  Simple stuff on the difference between men and women on 5-21-03.  It sums the differences up nicely, the essential truths shine out with just a few words.  Like quantum haiku.

Later, on 6-8-03 we chime with some thoughts on the joyless fools who are ruining life on this planet.  Yes, the irony here is that they're all going to hell.  The problem is they make life on this wonderful planet hell for the rest of us.


Another traditional island day:
Ride up to the 86th floor of  the ES Building
Hunt for White Castle, it's been bulldozed!
Down to Jim Hanley's Universe
Chilling back outside the NYPL
Back down to Forbidden Planet and The Strand
Dinner at Rendez-Vous Cafe
Avenue Q - last year's Tony
Shop the Virgin Megastore
Damn fake watch dealers disappeared before we could buy!
Another dead bottle of that French "Vin de pays des bouches du rhone" merlot...

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