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April 8, 2005

Does it bother you...

The Pope is interred in like a half-dozen nested coffins, first a silk veil over him, then  cypress coffin, and that's put inside hermetically sealed zinc, inside of oak, inside a kryptonite capsule, and finally under a marble slab.  Maybe more, that's all they're telling us, like that isn't weird enough. The whole thing is bigger than an Escalade. Different levels are inscribed with dates and names. There's a document with his life story in there. Is there wolfs bane and garlic too? 

It all comes down to one question: WTFWYDT?  Is it some mystical pagan ceremony to keep "something" in, or a better way of seeing him off to the afterlife than the rest of us get, like the first class section that gets better food and enters and exits first? Or is this our way of preparing him to be discovered by future mutant generations, or space alien archeologists? We're thinking it's all going to be explained in the next Dan Brown bestseller...



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