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April 7, 2005

PSP - First Impressions

Well, we picked up a PSP yesterday and the initial reviews are mixed, well kinda...


Graphics and screen are amazing.


Speakers are very cheap.  Even the Nintendo DS has better speakers and stereo sound.  But this is probably a headphone device anyway.  Haven't tried the headphones that come with it, not expecting much there though.

Feel and appearance of the device is initially lovely, but it's made to get ugly quick

The thing is made to take fingerprints, you'll constantly be wiping it off. 

Any scratch on this baby is gonna show up like the scar on Bruce Willis' forehead.

Overall, battery, memory, and disk compartments feel cheap and fragile.  Big worries that scotch tape will be holding them closed eventually.

Layout of controls is a mess.  Who puts controls at the bottom of a hand-held device anyway?  Sony needs to fire whoever is doing their ergonomics research. Or at least get them into rehab.

Biggest WTFWYDT? Sony cheapsiding the UMD disk design not to have a door to protect the "cd" from scratches. It's like they're specifically made to pick up grit and then grind it inside the sleve against the media.

Of course most of our real fears are waiting to be proven. First two games: Wipeout Pure and Tiger Woods PGA Tour.  Yeah, they were sold out of Metal Gear and Twisted Metal. 

Next up, moving DVD movies to memory stick. That's really what we bought it for anyway. We're probably not alone there.  Can't find a 1GB stick anywhere.



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