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April 6, 2005

Another "Lack of" Intelligence Report

It's really no surprise that we continue to get these horrific report cards on the Bush administration.  The latest is a combo of "no evidence of WMDs" and faulting them for maintaining "poor preventative measures" in the defense of the reichstaat.

What we really want to see is a clearly written report about the goals of the administration and how they blew away 8 years of peace and prosperity for personal financial and political gain. Something to the effect of "too busy pushing their social agenda to look around at the rest of the world" followed by "redirecting a nation's outrage to focus on uninvolved and unarmed nation for the dual purpose of family vendetta and business profiteering." As a bonus, maybe something about "redirecting tax payer's future savings to private businesses friendly to the administration."

We think a comic book is about the right level here.



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