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March 31, 2005

Got Proops?

Endorsement Alert: We're shilling for free this morning, just because we feel grateful.

Audible.com has saved us many hours of insanity on the road with their downloadable spoken books and magazines.  We were delighted recently to rediscover one of our favorite 90's stand-up comics has got his own audio blog published for download on the site.

Greg Proops is "acid-drenched, vitriolic, and epithet-laden" in his take on Hollywood, Washington, and the rest of the world.  Go there now and listen to the AudibleProops sample.  He's at least as good and timely as the Daily Show's Lewis Black, but without the screaming, and decidedly less factual - always a plus with us! If you like the sample, the monthly charge is less than you'll pay for one Viagra, and for most of our readers it's much more useful.



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