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March 28, 2005

No no no!

Please, as a nation, we have to put aside our differences and come together to  stop this now. 

We're pretty upset this morning because we just heard the real reason behind the Brad Pitt / Rachel Greene break-up. Nope, not the I want a baby she doesn't reason.  Nope, not the Angelina Jolie Hussy reason, that's Brad not Rachel of course, although with no pun intended you're getting hotter. Nope, the real reason is... drum roll - they were an un-reconciled red/blue couple!

Now we're fine with them breaking up. We endorse eliminating the eventual co-mingling of their genetic material. We're amused by all the simpletons out there making a big deal about this failed fairytale.  So why our angst this morning.  Four words: Brad has political ambitions.  "Sources" close to Pitt say he hasn't yet determined whether he will confine his political ambitions to the state level, or enter into the national political fray.

Deep breath.  Calm.  Count backwards from ten...

We must end this Hollywood to Politics career path now! Regan was a warning from God Sonny Bono was God's punctuation mark hoping we'd get it. Congressman Gopher from the Love Boat was God's little giggle, but we'll give him that one. The fact that an Austrian steroid construction who can't pronounce Kaliforna is the governor of that state should be the burning Bush of prophetic warnings.

Unless we wake to the problem here it's only a matter of time before our country is run by a CGI construct.  And while that might initially look good given the current administration we must be strong and look long term here.  Stop the madness! 


I'm not a governor, but I play one on TV, so vote for me.  

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