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March 27, 2005

Bush Weekend Update #2

Darn it.  W and Buddies got some bad news Friday. After topping out at 60% approval rating when Saddam "Spider's Nest" Hussein was captured, said rating has gone nowhere but down since.  His subsequent involvement in the war that continues to bleed away our children's future, making up a Social Security disaster, and finally rallying around the "shove that feedin' tube back in there bubba" movement  has dropped him down to 46% approval. That's less than half for those not so mathematically inclined - the majority of folks disapprove of him. And there's probably momentum in that dive given oil prices and the lack of a Condi to lead us in the future.

Mr. Bush, we here with the People's Mandate Committee.  We're afraid we have to repossess the mandate you took a few months ago for non-payment of expectations...

Funny as that might be, we do have some ideas on a Three Step Program that could put George right back on top of the whole approval rating rollercoaster:

  1. End the war.  That doesn't mean pull out uniformly now, or even set a real date.  It does mean formulating, publishing, and sticking to a real "exit strategy" and assuring the US taxpayers that they're not just going to be writing off an additional 10% of their take-home pay to fund Halliburton's wretched excesses for the rest of their lives.

  2. Stop trying to merge Your Church and Our State.  Again, you illiterate goon, you need to focus on the business of government and stop trying to jam the morality of some inbred fools down the throats of thinking people. It ain't working, ain't gonna work, and you're just wasting everyone's time and energy not doing your job.

  3. Admit to your mistakes. Admit to your administration's "truth manipulation." Admit to adjusting our government's positions to feed the coiffeurs of your gluttonous mammon-worshiping friends. Knock it the fuck off! Ask forgiveness and move on.  Come to Jesus, he'll forgive you.

Yeah, it's a modest proposal, and we could even be satisfied without #3, but even speaking simple truth and a focus on the job it is too radical to suggest.  This reich isn't that flexible or progressive in their thinking.  We're expecting 3.75 more years of moronic tail chasing, talk radio justice, and ignorance breeding ignorance.


Today's Bible Lesson: 
Jesus, the key protagonist in the New Testament who although he  ironically leaves the story quite early has a large effect on the rest of the book, taught many more lessons about everyone's role and duty in taking care of the poor, less fortunate, and infirmed than he ever did about killing evildoers and persecuting homosexuals.  In fact, Jesus was particularly clear on the idea that men had no business standing in for God's judgment.  Something about turning cheeks, not casting the first stone, and removing the log from your own eye before removing the spec from someone else's...


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