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March 25, 2005

Cold War Games

During the cold war Bobby Fischer was an American propaganda machine, proving "US" better than USSR on the field of... well board games.  Chess master Fisher fought long glacial paced games against Bond villain types with crazy names like Pussy Galore and Boris Spasky.  Then, like most war toys of the cold war, when his usefulness wore out he slunk into the shadows.


Fischer went rogue in 1992 and dared to play an unapproved rematch in then verboten Yugoslavia. What treason! Endangering our safety that way! Well, that was it for his former masters. Unleash the hounds of justice! 

On the run from justice, well more like slouching around avoiding US soil, Fischer still faces 10 years in prison and a fine of $250k should he ever return to the US.  He's been hanging in Japan but recently got caught trying to leave that country without documents (can you say Casablanca?) Pictures of the once boyishly charming chess champ now make him look like he's been getting style tips from Ted Kaczynski.  Not a good image to project in a situation like this   Bob.

But there is a hero here.  Underdog and usually forgotten country Iceland has offered Fischer citizenship, sending new papers winging their way to Fisher-san in his Japanese cell. Apparently Iceland wants to up their cold-war arsenal with someone who could train a whole team of chess-playing super propaganda machines. With global weather patterns in an ozone-free spiral, the hearty cold-warriors might just be the ticket in Iceland's eventual bid for global checkmate.



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