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March 17, 2005

Consumer Reports Exposes Conservative Agenda!

Wow, we never thought of CR as being a venue for exposing government agendas but here it is in the February 2005 issue.  In an article on condoms (and the ratings are pretty interesting - don't trust anything called Honeydew!) there is a "didyouknow" sidebar that says Feds Downplay Condom Efficacy.

In short, a fact sheet from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention used to call condoms "effective in preventing HIV and other STDs" replacing the statement with "The surest way to avoid transmission of sexually transmitted diseases is to abstain from sexual intercourse." Of course that's right up there with don't eat if you don't want to get fat, and don't join the Army if you don't want to get shot.  It's useless info if you're already in the game.  And you know, that once kids get in the sex game, they don't drop out.

It gets better.  They've eliminated discussions about condom types, wearing condoms during oral or anal sex, and which lubricant's to use.  The CDC says this is more science based.  Yup, that's a quote.  We agree, it's right up there with the anti-medicine faith based healing Christian Scientists. Someday a real rain will come and wash the morons away...

Once again the parochial morons who run our government have put their own prissy agenda ahead of real citizen's safety.  Fuck 'em.  But use a condom.



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