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March 14, 2005

Gibson Cuts Gore... Disappoints "Fans?"

Bowing to requests, Mel Gibson has cut some six minutes of blood and guts from his Passion of the Christ snuff film.  Of course, this might disappoint some sicker viewers, such as indicated in this quote from Manohla Dargis, reviewer for the New York Times:

...the palpable realness of the violence in "The Passion of the Christ," the image of flesh transformed into meat, that gave the film not only its reason for being, but also its only point of cinematic interest. What remains now of the film is just blunt-force dramatics and kitsch. By reducing the ecstatic, almost sexualized aspect of the violence in his film, Mr. Gibson has denied its audience that which lights up the faces of self-flagellating religious believers and genre movie fans alike: its promise of transcendence.

Geez, get a room Manohla.  You can still get your "sexy" version on DVD.



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