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March 11, 2005

It's gonna be great baby...

Couldn't be more excited about the Sin City movie now that we've seen the long trailer.  Lots of comic-to-movie conversions have tried to capture the art style of the comics, oddly enough one of the most successful, Dark Man, wasn't terribly successful and wasn't actually based on a comic.  But from what we've seen, the Sin City movie is being painfully true to the original. Heavy on the pain... bring on the pain Frank!

Frank Miller, creator of the Sin City series, is listed as co-director, and that probably weighs in heavily on the authenticity. The comic is dark, really dark, black pages with sparingly used white, and the film is a noir B&W endeavor... almost.  Some of Miller's characters, mostly women, have a basic primary color associated with them that turns up on pages where they're present.  Red being most prevalent. And the film is using digital special effects to bring this about as well.  We can think of two other movies that used this gimmick, Rumble Fish and Pleasantville, and we really expect SS to top them both thematically and artistically.

What really sets SS apart though are the characters.  We won't bore you with the whole cast, they're all heavy hitters at the box office and you can easily check them out for yourself. Any actor worth his or her salt would play these roles for scale - there isn't one of them that won't be chewing up the scenery.  One notable stretch will be Elijah Wood as Kevin.  You see him, or rather his creepy searchlight glasses, in the previews.  Anyone who knows the story can expect some rather unnerving sequences from EW.

So, it's already our pick for the spring, opening April 1st!  Marv-endorsed bandages will likely be the first spin-off product...


...oh, we forgot.  The other co-director is Robert Rodriguez, who did el Mariachi, Desperado, From Dusk 'till Dawn, and the Spy Kids movies.   We'll not hold SK's against him.  From Dusk 'till Dawn alone gave him credits enough to get over those two career pot-holes...  

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