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March 9, 2005

One more thing about the Schwartzengovenator...

Aren't Californians a little worried that so much money from New York City is going to play a big part in their next set of elections?

Maybe we're misinterpreting the whole California Dreaming thing.  We thought left-coasters were fiercely proud of the differences between themselves and the rest of the over-forested, off-shore drilled, superfund site, homophobic nation.  Could this mean they're coming into the fold, sacrificing the last vestiges of integrity and personal honor on the altar of mammon? Wow, took them long enough.

In any case, it's certainly refreshing to see a California politician so out in the open about receiving influential money from big pharmaceutical, banking, and financial securities interests.  Most politicians who bank on their support from "everyday folks" jumping party lines would be ashamed to be seen so.  There is a lot to be said for the general gullibility of voters who still view politics like supporting a baseball team or enjoying action films. Hey! My team won again! Sure am glad I started supporting the winning team, it makes me a winner too! Look, another parking lot!


Of course, we're assuming Arnie is getting money for the CA election.  Maybe he's going to make that run at Penn. Ave?  There's a movie we'd go see!  Arnie vs. Condi!  Let's see him call her a girly man!  

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