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March 8, 2005

Staying Hungry

The Arnold is such a power in California it is truly amazing. Sure he's slipping in the polls, people don't trust him as much, cross-over voters are crossing back, but when he puts his big shoulders to problems they tend to move out of the way. But is he really doing the right things for the state?

Its the guy's priorities you really have to question. It's a fact that his state is still in a budget crisis (he likes to call it a Spending Crisis, like it's some crazed soccer mom on a spree at Nordstrom's). This was one of the issues that got him in Office, but we've yet to see a silver bullet from his Hollywood gun.  (Arguably the election was held because former governor Gray Davis was a bit of a limp personality, but Arnie hasn't done much better in the way of state spending or increasing income.)

Most recently Arnie spent time discussing steroid use in baseball, and endorsing cleaning up body building competitions, the latter is kind of like saying you want to reduce the amount of water in water polo. Then it was off to NYC to an ultra-exclusive corporate fundraiser at the '21' Club costing $11,150 per ticket! (We want to know where they come up with these numbers.  Is it market research?  Did they determine that $11,500 was a breaking point and $11,000 people were concerned that it just wasn't exclusive enough?)  And that party is just building a 50 Million Dollar general fund for AS, they're not sure if they're supporting another tour as CA gov, or an attack on the White House.  They just love him because he represents a Republican who draws Democrat votes.  For now that is.

In the meantime his former partners in re-election, California nurses, picket him even when he's in NYC!  Why? Partially because Arnie is trying to push their pension plans into public investment plans similar to what Georgie is trying to push for Social Security.  Nah, Arnie isn't a party insider at all.

Well, now that we've rambled on, you might want to read an open letter to the Govenator...



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