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March 7, 2005

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We can't say enough about Deadwood.  If you don't have HBO, you should drop your other subscriptions and get it, just for this show.  The show is gritty and realistic, with great characters you can't decide to love or hate. Easily the keystone of Deadwood is Al Swearengen; pimp, saloon keeper, and proto-gangster, who gets to deliver such great lines as:

My oath on this; everyday that the widow sits on her ass in New York City, looks west at sunset, and thinks to herself "God bless you ignorant cocksuckers in Deadwood who strive mightily and have little money, to add to my ever increasing fortune," she'll be safe from the whiles of Al Swearengen.

A rare quote for the show, as it only contains one real profanity.  Another exchange:

Ellsworth: Well'm, I've got myself a working gold claim.
Joanie Stubbs: Well, sir, is that a damn fact?
Ellsworth: A hell of a working gold claim, and if we knew each other better I'd throw "fucking" in there somewhere.
Joanie Stubbs: If you did I'd try to catch it.
Ellsworth: A working fucking gold claim, Joanie, and thank you for allowing me my full range of expression.

It's fucking like Shakespeare in the real city. 

And if you can't bring yourself to buy cable, the first season just came out on DVD and is an impressive rental.



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