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March 6, 2005

Warning: She's out and on the loose...

We're wondering if the neighbors got notice that felon Martha Stewart is back in their midst this week. Lock up your potpourri, hide the 
linen dust shields, and don't mention the mango salsa.

Ankle bracelet terra-cotta customization aside, we've got to comment on the Newsweek cover stupidity.  In this day and age, what editor goes with "yeah, just slap her head on a model's body" strategy for a front cover photo.  The only thing worse is their excuse: "We didn't say it wasn't a composite photo!"  Yeah, now we need disclaimers on standard photos to say they've not been through a few layers in Photoshop?  Is that what journalism is telling us; that without disclaimers that this isn't faked, you can't expect us to tell the truth?  They cover themselves in the small print on page 3: Cover: Photo illustration by Michael Elins ... head shot by Marc Bryan-Brown.  But that's no where near appropriate disclosure. 

Finally, how long do we have to wait for the "get sent to jail prison system diet plan?"  Something to the effect of "lose 30 pounds in just six months of incarceration, followed by additional weight control via a stringent five months of home cooked meals under house arrest.

You really think we're kidding?  Geez, they ate up the whole low carb thing...



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