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March 4, 2005

Scary Recommended Reading...

We know how much reading scares a lot of you, big books, small words, new thoughts... it's an investment. Not like burning 3 hours on a marathon GTA session, but still kind of icky. Let's talk about something you can consume during a trip to the toilet.

We wouldn't normally recommend Entertainment Weekly, the EW acronym is too close to our response of ewwww over most of their Hollywood-lives-obsessed reporting.  What rational creature truly cares about Bennifer, or Bradifer, or Kristi Alley's Big Fat Comeback?

But EW has one real gem every other week.  Stephen King blogs on the last page of the magazine.  For some reason, he only does this in alternate issues, so we really can't recommend a subscription, but it's good enough to read if you get the chance. 

Give you an example; this week he's talking about the Worst Ads on TV.  But in typical King fashion, he finds an unexpected twist on what worst means.  He talks about the preponderance of ads for prescription pharmaceuticals hitting the video, and ties in the connection with so many recently having been discovered to create real health problems. The combination of those embarrassing problems, the weird side effects, and the fact that the FDA has dropped the ball so much recently makes for a real horror story. The writing is clear, accessible, and entertaining in Kings dark thoughtful way. Already one of our favorite writers, King is our new favorite columnist!

And, if you don't want to spend the bucks don't.  It's easy to find, cuz if he's in the magazine he's always on the last page.  You can easily read the column waiting to check out at the grocery. Beats the hell out of reading about Keanu's latest daring role challenge or poor Beyonce's difficulty in finding a good man...



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