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March 3, 2005


It's truly tiring, the way the media feeds upon the court system.  It's a nightmare marriage: the courts, driven by a legal system that is over-paid by the hour, drag on like a drunken snail through painstaking minutia when you know the jury made up their minds on day 2.  The media, obsessed by the over-stated "public's right to know" eats every morsel like it was ambrosia, and shits it out onto the public's waiting faces. It's disturbing to anyone who stops and thinks about it.

We were recently made aware of the British system of reporting and sincerely wish this country were truly capable of the change forward thinking for which American's are forever undeservedly proud. 

The British have a Contempt of Court system with respect to media coverage.  First, they are not restricted in attending proceedings, and they are fully able to prepare their reports.  However, they are not allowed to report anything until the trial is over.  The public's right to know is not infringed, the only thing that happens it the supposed daily entertainment value of the jury proceedings is postponed.

We dare dream that someday we might live in a country where real justice is held to a higher value than our daily need for trial tidbits. Not too likely, we know, as there's such a financial empire built around turning 15 seconds of actual daily news into fifteen minutes of painfully drawn-out daily coverage, commentary, and forecasting. 



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