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March 2, 2005

Sir Bill...

Not gonna see Sir Linus or Sir Larry or Sir Scott any time soon. Not even likely to see Sir Warren. You have to be world class to be knighted.  We're bucking tradition in calling him Sir, and suspect we won't be the last.  Due to a recent change in the British system the term "Sir" is now reserved exclusively for Brits, and "honorary" knights don't get the appellation.

Kind of cheap on the side of the British don't you think? It's not like they're running out of titles - you can buy them on the open market after all. Spurred this conversation this morning:


Why Sir Paul and not Sir Bill?  Certainly Bill has done more real good than Paul.


Sir Paul is British.


Sir Lancelot got to use the title. And he was the eventual reason for the fall of Camelot.


Yeah but he was imaginary.


No, he was French. Which does back up your argument a bit.


Well he wouldn't get the title today.


Especially not today!

Anyway, congrats Trey.



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