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March 1, 2005

One day, every now and then...

Every day coverage of the Jackson trial will become tedious. You're gonna get months of this on the regular media.  We're not that hard up for stuff to say, so we'll only comment when something really obnoxious happens.  Like in opening statements on day #1...

The fact that the woman let her children stay over at Jacko's house in the first place should be reason enough to convict... her.  Mike may have a problem, but she was just baiting a hook with her own flesh and blood. Should be much fun when the secretary of prosecution lawyer for her case against JC Penny comes to the stand to testify that she lied under oath. And let's not forget the altruistic actions of this same mother, with cancer-stricken child, who spends the money donated for her child's comfort on "a breast enhancement and a tummy tuck." Whoo hoo, nothing eases that chemo nausea like a mom with new boobs. There's much more to come on this piece of work. What a circus!

Might be the first such trial where the prosecution gets jail time.




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