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February 24, 2005

The Problem with Republican Hypocrisy


"Do you want your little kid to say, 'Hey, Daddy, President Bush tried marijuana; I think I will.' … I wouldn't answer the marijuana question. You know why? Because I don't want some little kid doing what I tried.' " - George W. Bush, 2000

Were that the statement of a Democrat president, the Republicans in congress and the senate would be jumping all over him, smearing his name and perhaps his person with tar and feathers.  "You tried the devil weed! You are a sinner and a lawbreaker! We simply can't have your type leading the nation. God told us so."

However, given it's one of their own, they focus on how awful the source was to leak the private conversation. (Just smells like Linda Tripp to us.) How the indiscretions of youth are forgivable, to consider the focus of protecting innocent children, etc. They have this fucking deny-spin-reinvent-redirect crap down to an art form.

The effect of convenient hypocrisy here is exasperated by the fact that Demos are simply not equipped to fight the dirty fight as well as the Republicans.  While liberal in their sexuality and recreation, the bulk of Demos tend to hold themselves up to a higher level of principal, civic duty and truth, and that's their downfall against the facade of the holier-than-thou RIP. (Republicans In Power - we just made that up and are damn proud of it.) The Demos are wimps when it comes to slinging shit, and that's basically what the system has degraded to.

The whole thing makes you want to go out and get stoned.



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