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February 23, 2005

America Online Goes Tin...

Can there be a worse example of a company not living up to potential? Back in the day, AOL was a crutch for the Internet novice who needed help to get out there and collect their fair share of spam. Now, with better spamming technologies hitting about everyone equally, AOL has somehow lost their real value.

But that's not really what we want to talk about. No, today we're about the Free Trial CDs that so many have collected and made into wall hangings, suits of armor, and guest homes. The idea that a company that basically deals in bits and bytes could be such a source of non-biodegradable land-fill fill is obvious and has been talked to death. We always assumed, like their ability to collect and deliver spam, that it was an unintended byproduct of AOL's existence.

Today however we have proof that in fact it must be part of their master plan. What could make the distribution of unwanted Earth unfriendly CDs worse? Well, you could deliver them in a tin box! Yeah, a painted tin box too thin for using for anything other than holding a single CD! And that's what they're doing now.  "Just try to find a use for this box with all our advertisement on it" the packaging seems to scream. To be fair, the slide drawer box is kind of cool, but it's eventually just more clutter to toss in the garbage.  At least the box can go in with the recycling if people think about it. Just make sure to toss the CD in the regular trash.



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