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February 18, 2005

The fall of the British Empire

Many would say that the end of colonialism triggered the fall, an economy based on conquering other lands and shipping back the benefits could not change fast enough when they stopped the empire building.

We say piffle.  It's all about your mindset you twits. Give you an example; Who really cares what the inbred royal family is doing with itself. Why you continue to support this odd breed of national pet is beyond us in the first place, but your fascination an passion about their daily lives goes beyond that of the most disturbed shut-in cat fancier. Oh look, Prince William made in the litter box again! Sidney, fetch the camera!

The current national stir about Charles marrying the mistress is a fine example of this. Only the most demented and lame individual would spend any fraction of their limited time on the planet thinking, much less expressing an opinion, on the matter. The fact that they're boring old... well English people only compounds the absurdity.  What the hell is interesting about this?  Get on with life you English fools.

Yes, yes, you're all upset about the wicked woman who spoiled your real-life fairy tale princesses' life finally having her happy ending, right?  Don't you see that's just heaping one pile of shit on top of another? Can't you get over it? The fucked-up royals denied Charles his actual love and pushed the national fantasy on him.  The guy's a frigging prince, of course he's going to do what he wants in the end.  And you morons, with your ridiculous expectations, support these fools and are yourselves bigger fools in the end. Like the demented cat fancier, your incontinent  pets are spoiling your furniture, but you can't quite bring yourselves to have them put down.

Maybe you should start a new national obsession?  Like dental hygiene? That whole political reform thing? Or perhaps something involving fresh vegetables and fruits?



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