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February 16, 2005

One of Lucas' favorite little people

Pardon us while we geek out today.

Yes, no one hated the Ewoks more than us. Odd that George Lucas was able to top the loathsome little fir balls by introducing us to Gungans in Episode 1 (as if saying, hey, I can really get annoying when I try.) But they did give us Warwick Davis, who shed his Ewok persona to star in the underappreciated Willow and many B movies to follow.

Now, Davis is taking on one of our favorite roles: Marvin from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. While we often use Zaphod as a role model while out on the town, we have to admit the totally paranoid and depressed android is also a template for our hangover mornings. 

We are disappointed by the way that the Heart of Gold apparently is mute in the film (no actor credited with voice role). Some of the best dialog was between Zaphod and his ship as they, on several occasions, improbably missed being blown to bits. And the preview makes it look like there's going to be an unnecessary love story between Arthur and Trillian.  But casting Sam Rockwell and Mos Def is brilliant. 

If none of that makes sense, you've got about 2 months to get up to speed humanity.



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