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February 9, 2005

A tradition we've always liked...

When the dust of Mardi Gras settles, it's time to paint your face with ashes and decide what you're giving up for Lent. Like most religious things, Lent is based on guilt. Tradition of giving up something you enjoy for the period to do penance for your sins.

Well, we're not Catholic, but we do know a good tradition when we see it.  (We're not Jewish either, but we'll chow down at the Kosher deli whenever we have the opportunity!) So what are we giving up for Lent? Why stop with one thing? It's better if you have a list!

Five Things We're Giving Up For Lent

1. Protesting Prayer in Schools - Let 'em pray.  It never helped our grades.

2. Adult videotape rentals - The VCR is busted anyway and we can't see buying a new one given we're only renting DVDs these days.

3. Catching all the Oscar nominated movies before the show.  Plenty of time after Lent anyway.

4. Making excuses for Dick Cheney - The guy just has to work all the aggression issues out for himself.

5. Watching football on Sundays.

There, that was easy.




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