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February 8, 2005

The sad state of parochial America...

We get depressed when we consider the awful effect the knee-jerk fascist conservative bible-belt fun killers are having on this great land. It's getting so you have to go to private areas to have a real good time; how long must we hold up under this siege, partying in private clubs, watching pay-cable TV and listening to satellite radio?

Consider, o' puritans, the day you eventually stand before your maker and he laughs in your face.  Old Jove sitting there on his throne says

What?  You suppressed all the urges I gave you?  You didn't make use of the easily grown herbs I put in your pastures?  I made men and women attractive to look at (well, when you took care of yourselves) for a reason - so look at each other and enjoy! And you didn't get the fact that I made sex the most physically pleasurable thing you could do? In response to these gifts you create shame, guilt, and social oppression? What did I need to do to make my will clear to you... talk to some cracker minister in his sleep?

I obviously skimped on the brains.

The clues are there. Use them fools. The people who deny them to you are nothing more than control-freak oppressors.




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