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February 3, 2005

The courage to boo

Yesterday, well it was the State of the Union address and as expected W brought the Social Security bomb. 

But first, let's comment on "State of the Union" which has become "30 minutes of posturing statements, crafted to be quotable homespun homilies mixed, in with 40 minutes of self-serving partisan applause." (Seriously, we need to work on an acronym there.)  Here's a fun game to play; when the emperor-in-chief starts talking, start counting.  When the applause starts, start counting again. If the applause-count is larger than the talking-count, the show is rigged. You start to feel like a parent at the Special Olympics.  But we digress.

Last night's controversial moment was when W decided to put it out on the table and say that Social Security is heading for an inevitable bankruptcy. Now there are lots of people who disagree with that statement, and more who say when you give yourself that as an absolute truth you're prejudicing the fix for something extreme.  However, we're not really going there. 

We're after the hissers this morning, the lameasses on the other side of the aisle who didn't have the courage to boo.  They hissed like a bunch of lesbians at a Andrew Dice Clay concert.

Folks, hissing is for cowards.  You can do it in anonymity because nobody can tell where the sound is coming from, and your face doesn't move. It's for jerks who aren't interested in discourse, they just to disrupt the opposing view. Booing is both audible enough to locate the source, as well as facially identifiable. Booing is for patriots, for people of intelligence and conviction. If you haven't got the courage to boo, shut the fuck up because you haven't got the balls to really stand up for your opinion.

So stand up and boo!  And let's get that boo-count up there!


We do have to wonder if the applause was actually for speech content, or the fact that W had practiced and didn't make any big mistakes like last time. Hey, he said that just like a sober adult! Yay for our side and the little guy not looking retarded!

And by the way.  Boo.


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