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January 31, 2005

Parents, take note

Does your child fit this description?

As heavily overweight as he is tall, socially awkward, and with a reported history of mental problems, it turned out he liked listening to heavy metal music.

If so, do not buy this child a computer.  Do not allow him to use one without supervision.  Like Jeffery Lee Parsons they might end up with an 18 month prison stay and damage repayment penalties that are likely to cripple your family for some time.

Parsons was the author of the Blaster variant virus that cost millions of dollars in denial of service attacks.  Of course he just took some other social misfit's work and modified it.  But the courts, in an unnatural fit of reason, have held him responsible for his actions. We have, on previous occasions, suggested what appropriate punitive actions might be for such human waste.

We do hope that young master Parsons learns a better way of coping with a society where he doesn't fit in while spending his buck-and-a-half behind bars.  We're hoping he is taught without lubricant.


And don't forget, there's still that quarter million dollar bounty out there for those who turn in actual virus authors.   

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