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January 26, 2005

Another $80 Billion!

Hey kids, there goes that whole future thing you were counting on.  Pappa Bush is spending your trust fund to hunt down waskily terrorists and spread democracy. Wheee ha! That puts the federal deficit to a record $427 billion for fiscal 2005, $300 billion of it just on our little "hunt for terrorists." And that's just for 2005.  He says expects to be back to congress for another $80 next year.

Seriously though, they're considering doubling the price on Osama Bin Laden's head to a measly $50 million. Why not just cut to the chase and offer $50 Billion. That much money would surely turn some heads in the region. Oh yeah, that's right... we wouldn't be creating all those jobs at home.


Seriously though, it's not like we're actually going to pay the bounty... there's got to be some kind of  fine-print loophole.  "Offer only valid in freedom-loving democratically ruled countries..."  

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