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January 23, 2005

"That iPod Snuffle thingie..."

We gawked with disbelief at the new iPod shuffle when they brought it out. Yeah it's small and light, but it was kind of like "generic M3P player minus the UI" and who the hell wants that?

But someone pointed out that it's also a thumb drive, and a 512mb thumb drive still goes for upwards of $50.  So for $49 more you get a really bare bones MP3 player that just plugs directly into your USB port.  Sure, that makes the whole thing more palatable.  Not compelling by any means, but not as crazy as it originally sounded.

But we're enjoying our XM2GO portable personal satellite radio these days even more than our 40GB iPod - more on that another time.


Hey, this was late and had no biting punch line!  OK, here's something funny; Donald Trump married trophy babe "Melalalania" Knauss yesterday.  There was a helicopter flying overhead with a banner that read "Melania, you're hired!"  And we think that sums the relationship up in a way no Zen master could come close to...  

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