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January 22, 2005

We read too much...

That's what you're thinking, right? We turned the last page on another Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club) book this week; Diary: A Novel.

Like most Palahniuk works, it's disturbing on so many levels, manipulation, starvation, loss of privacy, conspiracy, fatalism, and of course there's all that art theory and history to absorb.

The end isn't even much of a twist, we saw where it was going from about 1/4 of the way through, but the ride was so compelling and strange we stayed to the end.  Palahniuk is like HP Lovecraft in this one (the old-family East-coast island setting doesn't hurt either) with a story that initially appears about the artist's craft and drive, and ends up quite fantastically to be very much about the impact of the artist on the spectator. OK, if you've read it you know that's not quite right but it's funny in retrospect.  Oh, and there's art as a weight loss program too... although we're thinking that's not going to catch on.

Lost you yet fart joke boy? OK, so if you're gone to look for more internet porn the rest of you can check this one out for yourselves.  A quick read, a bit slow starting and the voice is... well weird, but trust us you get used to it and the ride to the end is worth it.


We haven't watched the Fight Club since 9/11.  Wonder if the Bush administration got the end changed yet?  

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