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January 16, 2005

Beware the "Moral" President

Something sends shivers down our spine when we see W take a "moral" stand on an issue.  Translation: This decision won't be based on facts, more on the abstracted interpretation of Bush family goals mixed with some sub-set of the population's individual goals in subverting the intellectual and financial evolution of our country.  In short, W is saying: I'm not smart enough to really think this one through on it's own merits.

Case in point; Bush recently said he has a moral obligation to "fix" Social Security. This is of course the prelude to sending millions of people into the stocks and bonds arena to manage their future retirement funds. Whoa boy - that's going to destroy the lottery-playing lower-middle class faster than you can say junk-bonds! But the idea that this is a moral necessity, one that is by the way estimated to involve transition costs of $1 trillion to $2 trillion (Can you say run-away deficit spending? We knew you could.) is absurd beyond belief.

We'd like to send a simple message to the president.  Hey Georgie; take it easy in your last term.  No need to "fix" anything.  You've already "fixed" the middle east, our relationships with most of Europe, and the national debt for the next century.  That's a bunch for a little guy, you need to relax.  Spend some time in Disneyland, or take up deep sea fishing. Maybe you could take up drugs and booze again? Project an image of a relaxed party president, and watch that national fear gauge drop like a stone.

Leave fixing things to the next president, hopefully someone who can read.



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