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January 13, 2005

A modest motor proposal...

We'd never advocate systematic social violence.  However, given society's elimination of natural Darwinian selection by coddling the weak, violent, and mentally deficient, a method of improving the herd and eliminate those unable to efficiently and responsibly drive on public roads is desirable.  The proposal: add paintball attachments to cars. The goal is for the city and highway patrols to pull over and review the driver of any car found covered with paint marks.

Some of the people we'd smear with paint...

Yes, it's a dream, but where are we without our dreams?  Oh yeah, road rage.


Yeah, we spent three hours in city traffic yesterday.  Pedestrians shouldn't feel so smug, they've got their own paint due. Nothing like someone crossing late against the light and then flipping you off when you screech to a halt.  Bang.  

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