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January 8, 2005

Amber Frey's Mouth

When you're dumb enough to fall for the guy at the convention who's telling you all this stuff about what a great guy he is and how much he loves you and that he's still all broken up and getting over his wife's death (even though she isn't quite dead yet) then you'd think that once you see him on TV and know he's the prime suspect for the murder of his wife (and some say unborn child) then you really have to be some kind of dumb blonde to continue to "see" him right up until the police enlist you to entrap him for the prosecution.

About the only thing dumber is to write a book about the whole thing for all the smarmy creeps who still want to immerse themselves in this monstrous tragedy.

Of course, we're only interested in who'll play her in the movie.  That and whether she's still doing that massage therapy thing in Fresno.  Happy endings everyone.


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