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January 6, 2005

So long Crossfire...

When was the last time you heard a president say that a comic was right about the mistakes his company had made?

Jonathan Klein, CNN pres., mentioned self-acclaimed "fake news show host" Jon Stewart's rant on Crossfire about how the program was "hurting America" to add to the justification of it's cancellation!

Klein said "I agree wholeheartedly with Jon Stewart's overall premise." and "I think he made a good point about the noise level of these types of shows, which does nothing to illuminate the issues of the day." And added that in the ream of providing quality news "a bunch of guys screaming at each other simply doesn't accomplish that."


Tucker Carlson had already been fired from CNN. If you're having trouble recalling which Crossfire pile of crap was Carlson, he was the one with the bow tie, AKA "dick."


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